Your House Manual explains features of your listing, such as how to turn on the hot water heater or where guests can find an extra blanket. Guests receive this information once you’ve confirmed the reservation – it isn’t included on your listing page.

To create a House Manual:

  1. Login to Airbnb
  2. In Hosting mode, select Listings from the top navigation bar
  3. Click on your listing
  4. Click on Listing details from the menu at the top
  5. Click the Edit button for the Guest resources section
  6. Enter the house manual content you want to share with your guest in the input box under House manual
  7. Click the Save button

Access to Home

Buzzer and Intercom


Explain how to access your home; including keys, entry codes, gates and locks

Explain how to operate the intercom and let people into the building
Explain where the electrical box is located and how to reset electricity in the event of a short-circuit

Food, Drink and Coffee

Garbage and Recycling


Tell guests about any foods you provide like breakfast, condiments and spices, coffee and tea or anything else they’re able to help themselves to. Explain how to operate any coffee machines too

Explain the location of garbage chutes and bins. Provide information on garbage pickup days and any relevant recycling information. Let guests know where you store extra garbage bags
Provide instructions for accessing the gym, hours of operation and anything else they need to know for making use of gym facilities

Heating and A/C

Home Amenities

Internet and Wi-Fi

Explain how to operate and control any heating or air-conditioning units and thermostats within the home

Explain where guests are able to find additional amenities they may require throughout their stay such as extra blankets or towels
Provide your network name, Wi-Fi code and instructions on how to reset the router in the event that the internet stops working




Explain how to operate any major appliances such as ovens and stoves

Explain how to operate washing machines and dryers as well as instructions on where to find any laundry products such as detergent that you provide
Explain where cars are to be parked and instructions on how to access the garage

Pool and Hot Tub


TV and Media

Provide instructions for accessing the pool and hot tub, hours of operation and anything else they need to know for making use of pool and hot tub facilities

If you have a complicated shower, explain how to operate it
Explain how to operate your television, use any remotes and access cable channels, streaming media services (eg. NetflixHulu, etc) or home media (eg. DVD players)

For your convenience, below is a list of items that often exist in house manuals and are appreciated by guests:

You may also wish to provide your guests with home streaming services such as…

Below are some service providers that assist Airbnb hosts with a range of house manual services and products:



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