The last couple of decades have seen the emergence and growth of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). These are websites, like Airbnb, that allow its visitors to book travel-related services, such as short-term rental accommodation.

Airbnb hosts obviously list their properties on Airbnb, however some hosts choose to list on other sites, like the ones listed below, in addition to Airbnb too:

Some of these sites charge a listing fee, whilst Airbnb charge none. These listing fees typically range anywhere between $100 – $1,000.

Instead of charging a listing fee, Airbnb charge a 3% commission “service fee” to hosts, as well as a service fee that ranges between 0-20% of the total booking cost for guests.

For hosts looking for simplicity, they may choose to list exclusively on Airbnb. This gives the added benefit of consolidating good reviews exclusively within Airbnb, which will pay its dividends through greater credibility and additional bookings.

However advertising your listing on multiple sites has the benefit of gaining additional eyeballs reviewing your listing from travelers that are looking for somewhere to stay on other platforms and booking websites too.

Many of these other sites are specifically geared towards hosts that either charge higher nightly rates for their properties, take longer-term bookings, or whom typically list bigger properties that cater to larger-sized parties.

If deciding whether or not to list on multiple sites, hosts should consider what type of property they have and their motivations for hosting, to determine the upside opportunity in listing their place on other sites (and on which other sites that should be too).

Airbnb hosts listing on multiple sites should also ensure that they sync their external calendars with their Airbnb calendar to avoid accidental acceptance of secondary bookings they are unable to accommodate.



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