There may be occasions where you wish to make alterations to a future or current confirmed reservation.

Maybe your guests wish to extend their stay by a day or two. Maybe your guests wish to invite a few more people to join them in your space? Or maybe you need to update your prices to reflect changes to these or other circumstances?

Whatever the reason – Airbnb provide the ability to make changes to a confirmed reservation by submitting a reservation alteration request to your guest.

You can do so from a few different places within the Airbnb platform.

One way is to select the relevant reservation directly from your calendar:

  1. Login to Airbnb
  2. In Hosting mode, select Calendar from the top navigation bar
  3. Click on the reservation you wish to alter
  4. Click on the “Alter or Cancel” link at the bottom of the reservation summary box that will appear on the right

Alternatively, to alter the reservation:

  1. Login into Airbnb
  2. In Hosting mode, scroll down to Reservations on your hosting dashboard and select All reservations
  3. Find the reservation you need to alter
  4. Select Change or Cancel under Details for the relevant reservation
  5. Click the Change reservation button

Make the relevant changes to the reservation on the screen that pops up. You’ll have the option of changing the number of guestscheck-in or check-out date and reservation subtotal:

After clicking the Submit Alteration button, you will be prompted to confirm whether you wish to proceed with the proposed changes:

You will then be presented with a summary of the reservation alteration. It will show the original reservation details as well as the proposed altered reservation details:

Your guest will be sent details about your request to alter the reservation, which they will then be able to accept or decline. If the guest accepts your reservation alteration, the reservation details will be updated automatically within Airbnb. If the guest declines your reservation alteration, the reservation details will not change. Either way, you will be informed about their response via email:



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