Select all of the cities you provide your services to. If you provide your services globally, select "All cities / Global". If you provide your services across an entire country, select "All cities in [country]". You can select multiple cities and/or countries. This is important for helping your target customers find you.
Describe key information about your business, details on the services you provide and the ways in which you are able to assist Airbnb hosts.
Would you like to offer Airbnb hosts a Special Offer? These will appear on your listing and on the Special Offers page. They are a great enticement for encouraging Airbnb hosts to contact you. An example is "50% off your first cleaning service". If submitted, this information will only be seen by Padlifter, who will take care of uploading the Special Offer to your listing. Make sure to tell us the WHO (new customers or all customers), WHAT (% discount, $ discount or free giveaway), WHERE (specific locations or any locations), WHEN (any relevant expiry dates for the offer), and HOW (promo code for redemption, simply mentioning Padlifter, etc.)
Specify the areas (e.g. regions, burrows, neighborhoods, suburbs, etc.) in which your business operates, if this is relevant to you. We recommend using bullet points.
Upload photos that showcase your business and its services. Your first photo will be your feature image, and displayed in search results.